Design Thinking in Education Series

Episode 5 – Student Experiences

In this episode, two students share their project stories and what they’ve learned through the design thinking process.   

During the conversation in and around this miniseries I received the opportunity to teach the Honours class Tackling inequalities in the 21st century in 2022. This is the course that the two students in this episode talk about, and that Bram Hoonhout set up last year. Now I am preparing for the course. In this article, you will find some resources that might help you set up your own course. 

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Course outline

This course is an honours class of 13 classes of 2.5 hours. The classes are divided into three parts. The first part is a one-hour guest lecture on the topic of the course, the second part is an hour of project work in different steps of the design thinking process are explained and practices and the last is 15 minutes in for journaling and reflecting on the content and process of the course.  

In six groups students will work on a challenge from a partner either in the university or outside. In the end, students will be graded on three group papers describing the process and results and an individual reflection describing their own development during the course.  

Course outline focused on design thinking

Each week the students will be guided in the design thinking process. In the table below you can see the different topics related to design thinking planned for each week. The students are also expected to work on their project outside of class.  


In these slides you can find a further explanation of some of the activities mentioned above 


Share your experiences

Are you experimenting with design thinking and do you want to share your story? Do you want to start experimenting and need help getting started? 

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