Innovating With and For Society

Our work with organisations is at the crossroads of technology, research, and innovation. To develop and test innovations in context. Together with our partners, we conduct early exploration of innovation methods and digital technologies.

From our base in the Hague, we work with partners to develop new technologies to impact humanitarian organisations. Research partnership with Leiden University pushes this further.

We also develop change management projects for our partners. With large organisations, we develop innovation trajectories and teams. 

Our cross-functional team works with partners to research and analyse shared needs and opportunities. We tackle questions such as: can organisations become agents for social impact? How do organisations become more flexible and user-oriented? How do large organisations manage to reflect and adapt to a changing reality?

This helps us link the University to society in two ways. First, we connect the knowledge and skills of the University to social challenges of humanitarian partners. Second, we research how to make organisations themselves more innovative and change-oriented actors in society. 

If you’re interested in how we can work together, reach out to us by email.