Supporting 21st Century Students

We believe that university education should create learning environment for students that support & push them to become self-directed learners. And we put you, the student, at the centre for how we design education.

This applies both to what study and how – from the physical and digital environments you are in, to the design and content of courses you enrol in.  

Organisationally, we are part of the student & academic affairs office. Practically, that means the voice and experience of students is central to all the education we design. We welcome the input and commitment of students to improve our projects, and include students in all our work with partners. 

How do you want to get involved?

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    Want to get involved in one of our projects? You can take a student fellowship, and work alongside us on an innovation project either inside Leiden University or with a partner organisation.

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    How education can be innovated? We want to hear from you about how your learning experiences could be designed.

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    Want to conduct research alongside our partner organisations? We can help research students find connections in Leiden and The Hague.

Our Vacancies