Hangul in 1h: Read the Korean alphabet – Student Expert Sessions

11 February 2021 17:00 - 18:00 Online (MS Teams)

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We tend to think Asian languages are very difficult to understand, and that it takes years to learn to read them properly. That might be true for some languages, but not for Korean, which uses its own alphabet! The Korean alphabet is registered as Memory of the World by UNESCO, for its simplicity and uniqueness. As an alphabet once created for the people to be able to be literate, the history of hangul is rich and beautiful. I can’t teach you Korean in an hour, but i’ll give you the tools to be able to read it!

General information about the Student Expert Sessions programme:

The Student Expert Sessions – What would happen if students designed their own courses?

Three students have undergone a journey to design their own classes with support from our learning experience designers. In these sessions, our student experts deliver their final classes in a series of workshops on:

Between Monday 8 February–11 February, the Centre for Innovation will host the Student Expert Sessions. The students experts will demonstrate innovation in online education and course design. 

During these sessions, students will share their knowledge and expertise on a topic of their choice. In each workshop, the expert will showcase what happens when a student teachers and how online education can look like.

At the Centre we think about how to innovate learning experience design. Lately, our learning experts have been coaching students in the design of an online class.

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