We Work With Teachers & Researchers

We work on individual courses, programs, learning spaces and methods. Both with University faculties and with public & private organisations. 

Teaching is changing. In high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech ways, today’s challenge is to make teaching personal, accessible, evidence-informed, customisable, and impactful. 

How do digital tools create new learning opportunities for yourself and your students? How do you activate teaching? How do you design a course from the perspective of the learning outcomes? How can your students work on real-world problems?

Bring Your Class into the 21st Century

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    Our learning experience and pedagogical designers work with you to create learning experiences online and in class.

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    Together with designers and builders, teachers create projects to unearth the educational possibilities new technologies.

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    Our team designs and builds prototypes which you can implement and evaluate in real world contexts. Using iterative design principles, we continually evolve and develop the pilot together.

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    When these pilots fail, we share the results and lessons learned. When they identify promising results, we embed them in the faculty/organisation and celebrate the success!

At Leiden University, you can now get support for your flipped classroom and ICT-related projects through your ICTO Coordinator. Also, your faculty can help you get your MOOC project off the ground.

We work closely with faculties to push on to new boundaries. To read about our current interests, have a look through our themes page.