CFI Launches Design Thinking in Education Series

Daniek Bosch
Author: Daniek Bosch

The Centre for Innovation has launched a new Design Thinking in Education series to explore how Design Thinking can be used as a didactical tool to engage students in finding solutions for complex societal problems. Your host will be Daniek Bosch, a learning designer at the Centre for Innovation.

Join Learning Experience Designer Daniek Bosch and her guests in a five-part exploration of what design thinking can bring to education as a didactical tool. Each episode has a podcast and accompanying blog to introduce teachers and academic staff to the concept of design thinking and how it can be used in education and to solve complex societal issues.

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The five episodes include:

  1. What is Design Thinking? Hear from Daniek about what design thinking is and how students react to this approach.
  2. The Teacher and Design Thinking. What is the role of design thinking in education?
  3. Designing your Life. The challenges might teachers encounter with design thinking and how to use design thinking in your life.
  4. Teaching Styles and Design vs Science. Discover the differences between design thinking and the scientific approach and hear from a professional already using design thinking.
  5. Student Experiences.Daniek Bosch is joined by two students share their experience during the tackling inequalities class.

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